Interview with Michal Karpac

Interview with Michal Karpac

Michal Karpac is a Slovak eurodance musician. He often cooperates with German producer Tom Payle.

Hello Michal, Can you tell me about your first touch with music and how did you start your music career?

Hello, my first touch with music was in my early years when I tried to mix up songs together on cassette magnetophone. Many years later I started to upload my first demo songs on internet. Where I met "Mr. Pulse" and "Tom Payle".

Why you choose Eurodance?

Eurodance has great melodies. I don't like sad songs. If a song has sad lyrics, it is always better with a dance tempo.

You are known under many pseudonyms like E-Bomber,Michal,Dj Sonic Elite,Floor Action,Donatien. Can you tell me did you find yourself in any of these projects?

Yes, I have many projects but they are just projects and I always stay Michal. Every project is rare. "E-Bomber" is classic for mainly party people, "DJ Sonic Elite" is dedicated to everyone who understand Slovak language, because eurodance songs with this language is little. Donatien was created as something about religious themes, without lyrics..., nothing big. I needed to get rid of a few fine melodies. As you know, I also cooperate on the project "Pulse Of The Beat" of my friend Mr. Pulse.

Can you describe your music style in a few sentences?

Melodies in good BPM.

What kind of DAWs and techniques do you use for producing Eurodance music?

FL Studio.

Tell me about your music influences?

My music influences are Dieter Bohlen and his projects, E-Rotic and all other eurodance artists i like.

Best decade of music for you?

90s, of course.

Do you have favourite albums/songs from the 90s?

Songs: Blue System - Only With You, E-Rotic - Help Me Dr. Dick and thousands others.

Can you describe Eurodance with 3 words?

Crazy, Melodic, Ultrasuper.

Do you have favourite artist and with whom would you like to do a collaboration?

Nobody special.

You are also part of the Eurodance group Pulse Of The Beat can you tell me is it true that new album coming soon?

Yes, it is true. Not a typical new album, but the new album.

Are you working on new music and new projects?

I wanted to make a new album for E-Bomber in next year. But I don't have any motivation. Many times I want to quit my music career but after that I get in the circle again.

Can you reveal the new single name or it's a secret?

I don't plan any new singles for now. Even not from the new "POTB" album. Maybe once. The album will be entitled "Keep The Rhythm".

How is Michal in real life?

I live absolutely ordinary life. I don't like big parties, I just like to listen and make eurodance music. I love to play video games.

Have you any message for upcoming Eurodance artists?

Eurodance needs you.

Message for Eurodance fans?

I appreciate every human being who loves eurodance.

Thanks Michal for your time and this interview.

Thanks too. You make a good work.

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