Interview with Lukas Satin aka CBL

Interview with Lukas Satin aka CBL

CBL is the new classic dance & eurodance project by CyberLuke, a former drum&bass DJ/producer.
He is regularly appearing on club lineup since 2006. Played along the names like BTK (Virus Recs.) or MADFACE (Ram Records / Sony).
First production fruit was harvested in 2012 with tune Badlands featured on famous NeurofunkGrid Youtube channel. His debut single appeared on Liquid Brilliants Summer in 2013, that was a pop/hip-hop/drum&bass crossover.
But he always felt something is missing. He want to bring melodic artistic pieces into harder dance music. His dream is to rejoin 90’s Eurodance and also bring new groove information. That’s why today you read about CBL.
Focusing on club music, the impact is on elevated energetic melodies with vocal hooks and psytrance bass influences (Yes, even Armin Van Buuren is now stealing this from Vini Vici).

Hello Lukas


Can you tell me about your first touch with music and how did you start your music career?

I was 17, went to LP store with a friend, he buying techno LPs. I start buying LPs with him after school. A year later I buy Stanton direct drive turntables and Pioneer DJM-600 mix. It was very tough, so I find guys in a club with Technics turntables and start to play every Tuesdays when I was 19. I was often curious about how things work, so I eventually started production.

In past you produced drum n bass.Why you choose eurodance?

Even I created nasty raw bass, I tried to make a musical sequence. Every genre is constantly evolving. I felt I cannot express myself anymore, and everyone started to make simple & monotonous music. I grew up on Eurodance. It is something that always puts me in the right mood if done correctly.

Why pseudonym/nickname CBL?

I played Uplink in high school, which was a PC hacking game back in the day. I was also working on online multiplayer remake Flashlink with someone with nickname Corruption. We went on a high school trip to the UK. We live at some old woman Muslim family with even worst English pronunciation than I had at that time. I told her I have a meeting with a friend here from the UK. He will call this number and ask for Lukas. In 10 minutes telephone ringing, she picks it up like this: "Huh? Lukas? No no, no, Lukas here!". Then just hang up! So we did never meet, but I kept my nickname.

Can you describe CBL style in few sentences?

It would be definitely fast upbeat tempo with DJ like mix production. This means a fast twist in composition from time to time. The most critical element is the bass & lead melody. I focus mostly on these two elements when working. I like when synth has some multiband modulation, this effect can make a lot of drastic changes in the sound. But if done musically, it sounds just awesome and new.

Which DAWs and techniques you will use for producing that next eurodance style?

Well, for me, it was always about technologies. Utilising computer to the best extent. I started with FL Studio 9 years ago. Reaper was my favourite for a long time. But then I ordered the Push 2 controller and told myself I will return it to the e-shop in two weeks. It was something I was always looking for. Not using mouse & keyboard. Getting more "that analogue mixing style" experience and Ableton Push 2 is the first controller with no crashes and total integration.

Tell me about your music influences?

I like Chrizz Morisson a lot and what he doing with DMN Records. Bailando 2k19 (Dap-X-Jey Remix) is a very modern-sounding take on a very cliche classics. But this one is done just perfectly! When listening Eurodance, I find out I like mostly a specific remix like Capella - U & Me (Short & Sharp Mix). That melody is what Eurodance means to me. Uplifting, pumping a lot of powerful energy into me.

Best decade of music for you?

The 90s! Also a bit of the 2000s. My favourite is Eurodance, 90s RnB New Jack Swing, Hard Dance, Hard Trance.

Have you favourite album/song from 90s?

If playing in a club, I would spin these definitely:
Ellektronica - Get It On
Capella - You & Me (Short & Sharp Mix)
Loft - Hold on
PHARAO - World Of Magic
Masterboy - Is This The Love (and a lot of other tunes)
B.G The Prince Of Rap - The Colour Of My Dreams
Johnny Kemp - Just Got Paid
DJ Bobo - Let The Dream Come True
Mr. President - Up'n Away

Can you describe Eurodance with 3 words?

Upbeat, melodic, pop vocals

Have you favourite artist and with whom would you like to do collaboration?

B.G The Prince Of Rap, Beatrix Delgado
CBL is club/dj oriented project.Is there chance for some singer or rapper featuring in future?
My biggest skill is composing a catchy melody and bassline. I'm not good at writing note sheet for vocalists. When I hear an excellent vocal, I instantly get inspiration. Doing it the other way was never working for me. Yes, there is a big chance as that is something I want to do in the future.

Are you working on new music and projects?

Right now I'm finishing one hard trance/psytrance crossover with the 90s influenced vocals & synth lead. It will be out on 7th September 2019.I was also working on Unreal Tournament 2017 soundtrack, but the guys stop the development because they busy with Fortnite! So I wrote all other music producers, and we are releasing a compilation of various electronic music this month.
I want to make also 90s RnB (New Jack Swing), but perhaps I create a new artist project just for that.

Can you reveal new single name or it's a secret?

Sometimes my work is changing and evolving a lot. I have working names, but then I always change it like a week before the release based on what feeling the last mix gives me. I don't like this part, haha.

How is Lukas in real life?

My wife says lazy, I say busy. Because I often sit at the computer and don't have time to clean the house. But what would you do, if you don't have kids yet? It's like you need finish a lot of music and someone is holding a gun next to your head!

Have you message for upcoming eurodance artists?

This music is about making people happy. Live your life every day and dance even when you walking. Never forget the roots and have respect! Nowadays you don't have to make cheesy music for a publisher, so do your best and don't be afraid to publish on your own.
Message for eurodance fans?
I think the above paragraph also applies to fans.

Thanks Lukas for your time and this interview.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to talk about music. It was very refreshing!

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