Interview with Ryan Swain

Interview with Ryan Swain

Ryan Swain is without a shadow of a doubt the stand out, rising star on the UK dance scene. Having catapulted himself into the limelight to transcend well beyond his genre, tattooing his mark on the scene whilst working closely with Clubland to revive and re-surge a new following of all generations to switch EDM with euro-dance. If his charisma and spectacular shows don't wow you his social media interaction and viral videos will, they're second to none!

With an extremely busy schedule of presenting, fathering twin daughters and working a normal job it’s clear to see why Ryan Swain's popularity has soared over recent years and why waves of new generations are flocking to his events. Ryan's performances include high energy and lots of audience participation from beginning to end, including him getting on the microphone to hype up the crowds whilst he MC's to them and whole mega mix of euro-dance classics from all decades. His online social media presence and interaction skills have resulted in millions of organic views and plays across all platforms over the last few years, ensuring your timeline is constantly reminded of the power & global reach of the Ryan Swain brand.

Hailing from a small rural market town of Malton in North Yorkshire, England he has firmly put the Euro-dance vibe back in to his community.
Ryan's well constructed, open format DJ sets keeps his audience locked in, fusing together well known classics with current drops and sounds in his unique mega mix mashups, with plenty of twists and turns, yet making it very dance floor friendly, appealing to the masses and making each set a unique audio experience.
Ryan Swain's online and offline entrepreneurial skills have pushed him into the upper echelons of world class acts and artists. If you’ve not yet been introduced to Ryan Swain sound then you’ve got to ask yourself just one thing: Why not?


Hello Igor

Why Ryan loves Euro Dance so much?

There’s something about a Euro-dance chorus that is just so stimulating. Most Euro-dance tracks, the vocal is almost irritatingly catchy and keeps begging you to sing along until the next inevitable hip-hop verse. It just gets you and makes you never want to leave it behind, timeless! I was only young when the movement started but I remember by the late 1990s it had morphed into an entity of its own. As Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands led the way, hard style basslines and poppy synths dominated airwaves across Europe and even the United States and Canada.

Your favourite tune from 90s?

My favorite tune of the 90's is the timeless trance classic CAFE DEL MAR by ENERGY 52.

Favourite eurodance album or song?

I have two answers to that questions one of my favourite Eurodance album that sums up the decade has to be SASH - The Best Of!
My favourite Eurodance song has to be Alice Deejay Better Off Alone it is obvious cheese aside and nostalgia or not, this song just rocks. This track perfectly embodies the 1990s Eurodance/euro trance sound that took over clubs, and today we're hearing the big room house scene build upon what was started here. To put it simply, If i'm throwing down a DJ set and it makes sense, I'll have no problems dropping this one. Put this one and go to your happy place; I'll meet you there.

Can you describe eurodance with three words?

In the famous 3 words of 2Unlimited

“There’s No Limits”

How did you find Euro Dance?

I think most DJs when they get into dance music kind of start at the US styles, like House and Techno. Then of course there is also all the UK and German stuff, but sooner or later you get through all of that. The only crate that’s left in the record store to look into is the Euro crate and then you realise there is more to it then Snap! and 2 Unlimited hahaha.

Your inspirations from Eurodance?

It has to be La Bouche and SNAP!

When did you start DJin?

I actually started MCin before I did DJin, which led me to presenting and entertainment. I was 12 years old, my school friend Luke Gibson had some Technic 12' 10's and we used to go round to his and mix vinyls and I used to MC to his music. He mixed euro-dance, techno, trance and makina rave and eventually got in to bounce. I was always influenced and shined a torch for Euro-dance. I loved Culture Beat when I was a kid and used to dance and jump around to Mr Vain and used to change the lyrics to Swain.

Where do you think the future of dance music is going?

Backwards, younger generations are dipping back in to the nineties nostalgia again in sense of music, fashion and attitude which is great. I think the future of dance music is very exciting as you have the likes of myself. Ben Nicky and Camel Phat in the UK who are producing and mixing new music with a classic twist.

What would you dream show be?

Tomorrowland or Glastonbury

Dream duet or collaboration?

My dream collaboration would have to be working Tiesto, the way he’s transformed the sound of trance, dance and edm across the world is phenomenal he is also a very good producer and think he could enhance my sound even more.

Can you reveal new single name and release date or will be kept as secret?

Yes I have a single coming out off the EP soon, I’m currently recording and producing an album with DJ Callum Russell, we have dropped two tracks already which are available on iTunes and Spotify called Funhouse and I’m A DJ which have been successful. I’m currently recording some cover remixes of Ultrabeats Pretty Green Eyes and Gala’s Freed From Desire so watch out for those.

How is Ryan in real life?

Ryan in some ways is still the same 12 year old boy playing with his 12inch in his bedroom on his technic 12 10s just with a beard, two children and a lot more wrinkles and life experience. In real life I am just the same as I am when I’m performing, when I come off stage from a gig the first thing I do is go straight down in to the crowd and watch other acts and DJs and check what is happening, I’m a people person always have been and always will be. This whole culture of I’m famous is silly, been well known is a powerful tool and can help a lot of people and change a lot of lives so it’s absolutely a no brainier from me to do that and use it to a positive potential.

Thanks Ryan for your time and this amazing interview!

You’re welcome, loving the magazine!

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