Mr.F Presents: Mr.P aka C-Block - Here We Go 2019(feat William Naraine)

Photo ©Mr.P aka C-Block
Mr.F aka Fuad is a music producer/composer & soundman from United Kingdom. He works with styles like Eurodance,Euro rap,Dance & Hip hop music. He made many singles and remixes. Some of them you can see in his social media accounts. Nowdays he works with 90s hip hop star Mr.P from C-Block. Their new single "Here we Go" was released on 15.06.2019. They are working on new songs which will be released soon...

©Mr.F aka Fuad 2019
The new track that is presented by producer under pseudonym Mr.F is out today  under name Mr.F present Mr.P aka C-Block "Here We Go 2019(feat William Naraine aka Double You).It's euro rap dance track inspired with 90s and dedicated for all 90s music lovers around world.For those who remember hits from legendary rap group C-Block like:

So Strung Out

Time Is Ticking Away

 This will be free gift from James Richard White aka Mr.P from C-Block.On track is also featured vocal part from William Naraine aka Double You song "Dancing With an Angel".

Track is available on youtube today so check out and share.

Music and mastering by: Mr.F aka Fuad
Lyrics and rap verse: Mr.P
Vocals: William Naraine aka Double You
Year: 2019

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